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Advocating for Digital Storytelling

In line with EdTechTeam 2019 theme #Create
Join me through a journey of CREATING a Digital Storytelling Platform for students...stories real to their contexts. 

Looking deep and around me...

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A storytelling exercise to allow you to tell your story or journey to where you are right now. Be it emotionally, socially, educationally or is up to you. The idea is that the story be told through the use of an APP, chrome/windows enabled APP.


Book Creator


Google Blogger

We Video


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On #edtechteam

Introducing educators and other professional in education to the Google Suite For Education with a special focus on Google Drive, Sites, Blogger for creating educational portfolios; a reference of work done in school and looking beyond that for students and going above the average CV for professionals... One of the most powerful things you can do is giving students a voice; that they can be agents of change NOW, there is more to the textbook ; THEIR OWN WILLINGNESS TO GO BEYO ND IS EVERYTHING... # onbeingasocialeducator Speeches, reflectives and narratives, poetry and dramas...and more; all that end with a mark(mostly) How do we go beyond the RED pen and 100%'s? What can we do to teach progressively? ...stretching the norms... Can we own our 'learning'?

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